If a building becomes architecture, then it is art
Autonomous weather station
for company «Derevenskoye molochko»

Children’s Technopark Tomsk

Quantum ”Industrial design”

Project was made by Tikhonova Maria and Yarigin Eduard

Tatiana Sergeevna Hrul is our tutor

Tomsk 2020

The relevance of the project

The Company “Derevenskoye molochko" ("Village milk") asked Quantorium to create a design for an mini weather station. It is a promotional action. To create the station as an art object is an interesting idea for Tomsk citizens.

«Advertising is the engine of trade» Ludwig Metzel 1878


•To create a mini weather station for «Derevenskoye molochko» company.


•To collect information about the weather stations.

•To create a sketch.

•To design the stations in «Autodesk Fusion 360» software.

•To create the ppt.

The company was founded in 1931. Today the company "Derevenskoye molochko" is based in Seversk, Tomsk region and occupies about 55% of the diary products market.

Technical specification

The object should:

•Be a visual advertisement for the Company “Derevenskoye molochko”;

•Fit into the existing architectural environment;

•Have the artistic expressiveness;

•Interact with the user.

Planned location of the weather station
The equipment

Weather station AMTASN AW006

with Wi-Fi data transfer + phone app

The set costs

15 845 rubles

The first sketch depicts an old man. He sits on bench. The station and the information screen are located very low. Then we created a second sketch. It is village house. This object is very big. Onthe third sketchwe may see a tetra pack package. This sketch shows that the station is located relatively high. Screen is located at eye level, but black screen does not suit to the Tetra Pak design. All sketches do not suit.

Search for an associative series

Then we decided to create an associative scheme. «Company «Derevenskoye molochko», «weather station» and «cow» are key words.
Then we created this sketch. The work was continued with this sketch. It seemed to be the most interesting. We changed some points during our work.
Design in «Autodesk Fusion 360»

Then we started designing the object in the "Autodesk Fusion 360" program. You can see the programming steps on this slide.
Main dimensions of the model

We planned to make the object using the sheet metal of 0.4 cm depth. Elements are joined by interconnectivity welding with cooling wire from below

Fusion360 & Slicer Design Tutorial

In order to make the scheme of the mold for cutting metal, we used the Slicer Design Tutorial software, which makes a scetch of the projected surface.
The final model

This is how the final model looks like. The weather station itself was planned to be placed on the roof of a nearby stationary police post. Interaction between the equipment and the ART object will take place by means of signal transmission via WI-FI. The display located on the muzzle will display information about the weather.

Placing an object in the envimoment (the cow utters the phrase: "Hi, how are you?").

The cow is also an advertising object. This picture shows analogs of work, depending on different conditions (distance, weather, etc.)

Result of work

The art object with has artistic expressiveness and advertising attributes was created. It helps to promote the company's product. In addition, the object is harmoniously integrated into the existing architectural environment and perfectly interacts with users.

Tikhonova Maria +7 (923) 409-45-20, e-mail: mari.tikhonova.04@inbox.ru

Yarigin Eduard +7 (961) 887-58-92, e-mail: laedo.2004@mail.ru

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