Koptzev Danila, Baksheev Artem, Kabanov Daniil present
BET - Bio Electric Tree
(Research and modification of encapsulated and not encapsulated by layers cyanobacteria and the application of their properties as the form of a new way of oxygen generation)
Project's problematic
Due to the pollution of the biosphere, the needs of modern society for clean air, the sources and methods of obtaining oxygen acquire special significance in:
  • creating eco-cities,
  • design of orbital stations,
  • planning manned flights to Mars,
  • elimination of negative effects of industry on the environment,
  • improving air quality in premises, enterprises and other areas,
  • an increase in the survival rate and yield of the offspring of fish farms (enrichment of water with oxygen),
  • purification of drinking water,
  • enrichment of soil with oxygen.
Cyanobacteria are photosynthetic bacteria that release molecular oxygen, that's why they were used in the project. Encapsulation of cyanobacteria can allow their use in rather aggressive environments, as well as in environments unsuitable for life. For example, in their using in space, deep ocean or underground.
Analogues of existing technologies
Project's purpose
Carrying out modifications and researches of cyanobacteria using physicochemical methods, as well as designing reactors to create conditions favorable for the release of oxygen by cyanobacteria in extreme conditions.
(Reactors versions FAR SPACE and EARTH)
Project's goal
  • 1
    Research of information about cyanobacteria, search for analogs, creation of the experiments theory.
  • 2
    Realization of experiments and modifications with cyanobacteria.
  • 3
    Drawing up instructions for the use of cyanobacteria. Creation of the farm for mass cultivation of cyanobacteria.
  • 4
    Creation of reactors for the production of oxygen by cyanobacteria and software for them.
  • 5
    Creation of instructions for working with reactors and software, website development.
Steps of project's implementation
First researches of cyanobacteria, studing of literature and experiments. Attempts to grow cyanobacteria in artificial conditions.
Experiments and modifications with cyanobacteria, creation of the first prototypes of reactors and software.
Complication and improvement of experiments with cyanobacteria, creation of a working prototype of reactors, software and a farm for mass cultivation of cyanobacteria.
Completion of experiments, creation of instructions for using reactors and software, commercialization
Project's results
  • Various experiments and modifications were carried out with cyanobacteria, which required equipment of varying complexity - from ordinary test tubes to a diffractometer and an electron microscope.
  • A reactor of the EARTH version was created, which supports the conditions of oxygen evolution by cyanobacteria, an instruction and software for it. The assembly of the FAR SPACE version of the reactor has begun.
  • A farm for the mass cultivation of cyanobacteria was created.
Reactor, farm and PO.
Development of reactor version (far space)
The Far Space reactor is currently in preparation for assembly. What is the difference between the Earth version reactor and the Far space reactor? The answer is that on earth, when cyanobacteria produce oxygen, it is under the influence of the Archimedes force. It comes out to the surface of the water, but since there is no gravity on the space station, it can't come out of the liquid so easily. To solve this problem, we have come up with a new oxygen evolution system at the station using cyanobacteria. This method is based on water hydrolysis, in which the concentration of oxygen increases due to the vital activity of cyanobacteria. In this case, we receive not only oxygen, but also the hydrogen, necessary for space fuel.
During the work on the project, both simple equipment and complex ones were used. For example, we learned how to work on a diffractometer or create various microcapsules from polyelectrolytes.
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