Prototype of self-driving car
Ianyshevskaia Karina Vladimirovna
Dmitrieva Anna Andreevna
Problematics of the project
Enormous death rate in road traffic accidents provoked by drivers.
The goal of the project
Establishment of a prototype of self-driving car to reduce the number of accidents and traffic jams, facilitate the financial side of people's lives and sustainable use of road transport's possibilities
Objectives of the project
  • Design a vehicle prototype or choose a suitable one at a scale of 1 in 14
  • Write software for autonomous driving prototype
  • Test the prototype on a road layout
Stages of project implementation
December 2019
Choose of the right model
December 2019 - January 2020
Train the prototype to determine the needed elements
January - February 2020
Test the prototype on a road layout
February - March 2020
Project results
● We have improved the transport prototype "Popkov Robotics";

● We have achieved that our car using computer vision can navigate on a road layout;

● At the stage of Russian competition "ROBOTTRAFFIC WITH TECHNICAL VISION 2020" we got the Third place in the overall standings with out car from this project.
Project's budget
*per unit
In the future, it is planned to develop a complete car model for testing this software on urban roads.
Thank you for attention.
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