The "Animeshniki" team presents the project
The World through the Eyes of a Child
The project was made by :
Aftahova Aida
Chernov Matvey
Masalimov Karim
Ivantsov Albert
Range of problems
When the child takes the first steps, the parents are not only overwhelmed with pride, but also get a headache due to constant tension. It turns out that the house has a huge number of dangerous places for a child. It applies not only to the sharp corners of the furniture.
The danger to the child is:
- Lockers with household chemicals, vinegar, alcohol
- First aid kit
- Window
- Electricity
- Household appliances that can burn or ignite
- Full bath
- Piercing-cutting
- Small items
- Ropes and bags
- Glass
The purpose of our project is to help young parents. Often they don't even know that their home is a great danger to their child.
The scope of this project is huge, it can be used as an assistant for parents.
Main functions
- Preparation of those wishing to start a family for the future child.
- Assistance in creating a safe environment for a toddler.
- The ability to provide for dangerous places and things from which it is worth isolating the child.
Project complection stages
We have set goals and assigned responsibilities
Matvey did the building of the house, arrange furniture and add lighting (Unreal Engine 4)
Karim and Albert made basic models (3DS Max)
Aida made a presentation (PowerPoint)
Project results
We've made a game in which we identified places and things that can harm a child.
  • We take into account everything that can harm him in one way or another
  • You can see everything for yourself and it is much better to see once than to hear or read a hundred times
  • The game is made so that we are like children. That is, we can see everything through the eyes of a child. As adults, it would never occur to us to swallow pills or eat batteries, but the child still does not know anything about this world and he is interested in seeing everything and trying everything (and sometimes even taste)
  • Also with this project we won first place, received medals, a cup and prizes and gained experience. While we were doing this project, we learned more about building houses, things that harm children.
Project budget
Funny moment:
I think that the most fun part of this project was our video (you can see it by clicking here). It had to be filmed to show our application. We made a real smash in the house to show interactivity . Many things were on the floor or were broken. When we were performing, the jury couldn't help laughing at the video.
Thank you for your attention!
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