Range of problem
This device was created for residents of settlements where there are no medical facilities and for people with disabilities. It may also be used during disease outbreaks so that you do not endanger yourself or others with infection.
Goal of my project is to make getting of medical recommendations as easy as it possible.
Project completion stages
Creating a plan of the project
January, 2020
Creating a first working prototype
February, 2020
Testing and removing issues
March, 2020
Creating a final, working version
April, 2020
Project results
● Made fully working device;
●Coded special software;
● Tested and removed most of issues;
● Got new skills in programming and electrical engineering.
Project budget

This automated workplace has great potential, and here is a small list of what
I want to change:
- Reduce device size
- Add Glucometer, Express Urine Analyzer, and Spirometer (Respiratory System Assessment Tool) and much more.

That is all I wanted to present you. Thank you!
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