Exoskeleton Guardian XO
by Sarcos Robotics
Sarcos robotics presented powered exoskeleton. While wearing it, a human can lift 90 kilograms while feeling like they're lifting just 4,5 kg. The exoskeleton's weight is 8 kg. This device will help people who need lifting weights. It also can help as rehabilitation device and prevention measure against back injuries. First devices are available since January, 2020.
Why people need exoskeletons?
Exoskeletons are necessary in order to increase a person's strength or reduce the burden of people while working. For example, Ford uses exoskeletons in factories to reduce the workload of assemblers holding parts over their heads. So far, these devices are hardly used outside laboratories as reinforcing exoskeletons, although it can be used in many industries where heavy and large objects must be moved.
Depending on the tasks, a person can change the attachments at the ends of his hands, and if the battery is discharged (the exoskeleton works for about two hours), it can be quickly changed without disassembling the entire device. The robot consists of many sections driven by electric motors, the work of which is limited mechanically. For example, if, for some reason, the robot loses power, the arms will not fall sharply, but will drop smoothly. In addition, the exoskeleton cannot spread its arms wider than the human body allows, which ensures safety.
The company will not sell the exoskeleton, but will lease it for about $ 100,000 a year. The exoskeleton will become widely available in late 2020, although the first customers will receive production copies in January.
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