Street Lantern
prepared by Dina Dzhoomalieva
I care about the environment, so I decided to make a street lamp with a fixed filter for air purification.
The lantern has 2 tasks: shining and purifying the air. The lantern
consists from lamp, post and carbon filter. During the work, I
decided to make an unusual sketch of the lantern. My lantern looks like a crane. Natural curves have always pleased the human eye more than anything. I will analyze each detail separately. To make this lamp, I will need too many materials, so I will make a model. I'll need a 3D printer and a carbon filter to purify the air.

Lamp consists of many small led bulbs and a steel cover like a bird 's head that protects the lamp from weather conditions.

I plan to make post from the most solid, durable material, a mixture of concrete and steel and several other materials.

The filter structure is very complex.

It is located at the bottom of the street lamp. The filter consists of a cleaning part and a fan. When the car is driving, the fan inhausts the polluted air into the cleaning device where it goes through all possible cleaning and leaves clean air.

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