Municipal autonomous educational institution gymnasium №6 Tomsk

Reasonable urbanism and wooden architectural environment of Tomsk

By Isaykina Elizabeth.

The relevance of the project...
The relevance of the project is that Tomsk is an old merchant town with a centuries-old history and unique architectural environment. The environment develops according to key principles of sustainable urbanism, and is represented not only by modern, but also by antique buildings.
Wooden buildings in Modern style play significant role in the architecture of Tomsk because they are special and inimitable. Such buildings cannot be found anywhere else in the world. All those buildings are protected by the government which corresponds to the principle “Balance with Traditions”. To protect wooden cultural heritage of Tomsk, local authorities have established two programmes, “House for a rouble” and a restoration programme from 2019 to 2025. As a result of those programmes, historical architectural environment of Tomsk is being re-established and on the site of the buildings which had burnet or had been destroyed there can be now built only similar constructions.

«Besides that, for the proper development of Tomsk according to the principles of sustainable urbanism, there must take place popularization of knowledge about architectural monuments of the town. Such knowledge will contribute to the careful attitude of the population towards the historical architectural environment of Tomsk.»
Isaykina Elizabeth
The objective of the project...
The objective of the project is to study wooden historical building of Tomsk in Modern style for the popularization of knowledge about the architectural heritage of the town.
Isaykina Elizabeth
The results of the project...
The results of the project demonstrate the establishment of an advertising leaflet“Modern in the Wooden Architecture of Tomsk”. It aims to popularize the knowledge for the maintenance of the wooden cultural heritage of Tomsk in Modern style.
Isaykina Elizabeth
“Modern in the Wooden Architecture of Tomsk”
“Modern in the Wooden Architecture of Tomsk”

Let’s maintain and build our town together!

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