Hardware and software complex for collecting and analyzing information
LoRa - strong and independent
Ezhova Inga Dmitrievna 11th grade,ANO DO "Children's Technopark" Quantorium";
Osintsev Artem Viktorovich.
— Lack of automatic monitoring and analysis of production data;
— Heavy wear
— Insufficient adoption of new technologies;
— Low-production automatic systems;
— Low level (or no complete lack) of operational communications and signaling;
— Low production work;
— Low-skilled staff.
  • Lack of automatic monitoring and analysis of production data
  • Heavy wear
  • Insufficient adoption of new technologies
  • Low-production automatic systems
  • Low level (or no complete lack) of operational communications and signaling
  • Low production work and low-skilled staff
Comparison with analogues
Development of hardware and software for the transition to the industrial Internet of things at a cost of up to 10 thousand rubles.
  • Analyze literature on this topic
    September 2019
  • Explore existing analogues
    October 2019
  • Develop data collection and processing software from sensors
    Our company works according to the principle of individual approach to every client. This method lets us to get success in problems of all levels.
  • Create a program to connect multiple devices under the LoRaWAN protocol
    December 2019 - February 2020
  • Design device case
    February 2020
  • Collect pilot model of the system
    February - May 2020
Completing the device's prototype
— Chip system: ESP32
— Module LoRa: SX1276
— Power: 2х18650 battery
— Battery driver
— Gateway interface : UART (COM Port)

Interfaces used:
— I2C
— 1-Wire
— CAN 2.0
Budget of the Project
1. Sensor survey, gateway data transfer
2. Receiving data from end devices, connecting to a network server
3. Collecting, processing and submitting data
4. Data presentation
— Analysis of analogues/market
— Written software to collect and transfer data from customers to the gateway
— Manufactured body
— Assembled electrical circuit
— Pilot project completed
— The results of this work were published in the article "The choice and justification of architecture in the design of the industrial internet of things" for the conference - the competition of research works "Young researchers - science and technology"

— develop a mobile app
— create an MVP server to share data
— collect a market pattern
— increase the variability of the boards used for the system
— testing at work
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