Mars rover
A presentation by Safarov Damir
Range of problem
People are faced with demographic problems and depletion of minerals. Therefore, we will need to think about resettlement to other planets in the future.
The Goal of the Project
Get physical parameters from the Mars.
Transfer physical parameters from the Mars rover to the rover control panel (temperature, humidity, pressure).
Collect soil samples on the Mars for study on Earth.
Make a rover platform
Make a control
Write a program
Project completion stages
Stage 1
Purchase parts
Stage 2
Make the rover
Stage 3
Make a control panel
Stage 4
Write a program
Project results
  • The rover has a high all-terrain travel capability
  • Mars rover can move remotely
  • Transmit data to Earth and recieve signals from Earth
Project budget
I have always dreamed to have such a toy radio-controlled car that has high cross-country ability.
- Safarov Damir

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