3D modeling technologies

Completed: students of the 10th class

Vladimir Vinogradov

Elena Gerasimchuk

Vladimir Isaev

Vadim Pirogovsky

Denis Chizhov

Teacher: Burova Anna Vladimirovna

(ART and drawing teacher)

Municipal autonomous educational institution

"Secondary school №80»

The goal of the project

  • to learn how a 3D printer works, create real models and print them, and get optimal settings for future work with the printer.

Our tasks

  • to find information about the 3D printer.
  • to study the principle of operation of this device.
  • to select a program for modeling and create models based on it.
  • to print the created models.
  • to analyze our results.

Relevance of the topic

Why 3D modeling?

  • 3D printing is becoming more and more accessible and offers many opportunities;
  • it is widely used in marketing, architectural design, medicine, cinematography and mention industry;
  • it allows you to create a prototype of a future construction or commercial product in a three-dimensional format;
  • it uses during conducting a presentation or demonstration of a product.




Overview of opportunities for creating three-dimensional models

3D modeling technology has several of advantages:

• 3D visualization creates a presence effect;

• 3D technologies make it possible to realize any images in the form of a finished product;

• the broad functionality of the simulation;

• visibility and good perception of objects;

• 3D technologies make it possible to make necessary changes to the project;

• Development of spatial and technical thinking.


Free software.

Autodesk 3ds Max

It is copyrighted and paid for, and very difficult to learn and manage.


It is used for engineering, construction and industrial modeling.

Creating the model of a cup

Our results and plans
We created a mug's model and came to the conclusion that 3D modeling technologies are available to an ordinary student. We plan to continue to improve our skills in the Blender modeling environment.

Thank you for attention!

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