NEON - Samsung's artificial human
Samsung group - South Korea - Seoul
Many tasks, such as telling the news, giving lectures, answering various questions on a topic, presenting a development or project, can be entrusted to artificial intelligence.
The required information should be presented beautifully and clearly. Artificial intelligence, devoid of the flaws of human thinking, copes with this task admirably.

Artificial Intelligent
NEONs are not a face of an AI Assistant or a copy of us. They are digitally composed next-generation artificial intelligent entities, continually learning from their interactions and building on experiences with us in realtime.
The NTI profile with which this technology is associated - Neuronet.
Artificial Intelligent
NEON will continue to evolve and exist throughout society in various roles. They can be teachers, actors, brand ambassadors, bank tellers, and even our friends, companions and collaborators.
Using artificial intelligence will significantly improve our life in various fields. People cannot live forever and always do their job with the required precision. In this case, you can entrust the solution of some tasks to something that is devoid of these disadvantages.
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