Making portable nitrate testers
Platonova А.S., Mikhaylova V.D.
Range of problem
Nitrates are harmful to the human body and it can often be found in food. Nitrate testers are required to determine the presence of nitrates.
Study of the potential for creating a device (modification) for an adequate quantitative assessment of the nitrate content in vegetables and fruits.
  • Assessment of the potential threat of eating vegetables with a high content of nitrates.
  • Study existing devices that determine the content of nitrates and the mechanism of their action.
  • Develop methods of visual diagnostics of vegetables with a high content of nitrates and recommendations.
  • Assess the technical possibilities of creating portable nitrate testers.
Project completion stages
The threat assessment of eating nitrate-containing vegetables has been conducted.
January - February 2020
Managed to determine the principle of operation of modern nitrate testers and understand their irrelevance
February - March 2020
Methods of visual diagnostics in the form of a table, as well as recommendations, have been developed.
March - April 2020
An analysis of laboratory diagnostics was conducted.
April 2020
Project results
  • A detailed literary analysis was conducted.
  • It was possible to establish the irrelevance of existing instruments for measuring nitrates.
  • We created a table of visual assessment of the quality of fruit and vegetable products.
  • Recommendations for reducing the amount of nitrates were developed.
Project results
table of visual assessment of the quality of fruit and vegetable products

Based on a literature review, recommendations for reducing the amount of nitrates are the following:
1. Young vegetables are best bought in large supermarkets, where food is always fresh.
2. Choose fruits of medium size.
3. Buy vegetables that smell naturally.
4. Pay attention to the color of the vegetables.
5. Choose not very firm and light young cabbage.
6. The main rule is that all vegetables must be thoroughly washed under running cool water.
7. Cut off the stem from cucumbers and peel them.
8. If boiled vegetables are suitable for cooking, be sure to use heat treatment.
9. Do not use stalks of dill, parsley and other herbs in food.
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