Assessment of the possibility of cultivating shiitake at home
by Ivashina А. S. and Mikhaylova V. D.
The Problem of the Project
Shiitake belongs to the group of medicinal mushrooms. It contains a unique set of macro- and microelements, essential amino acids, fiber, chitin, proteins, polysaccharides and vitamins of group B, C, D, PP.
The Goal of the Project
To evaluate the possibility of cultivating shiitake at home and begin an experiment on growing shiitake.
Tasks of the Project
  • To evaluate the possibility of cultivating shiitake at home
  • To determine the most suitable methods of growing
  • To start shiitake cultivation experiment
Stages of the work
January - February 2020
Literature analysis, patent search
February 2020
Finding the most suitable growing methods
February - March 2020
The beginning of the shiitake cultivation experiment
May 2020
Writing a report, publishing the results
Extensive technology
In their natural environment, mushrooms grow on freshly sawn tree trunks. On your own, you can also recreate environmental conditions as close as possible to natural ones. Currently, more than 2/3 of the world's shiitake production is obtained using extensive production technology.
Intensive technology
The mycelium is introduced into a prepared substrate. It should include sawdust, shavings of deciduous trees with chips, straw, hay and grain. This method allows you to get a harvest in less time than using the extensive method.
The most suitable methods for cultivating shiitake at home were selected.
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