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Hello! My name is Egor Myasnikov.
I am from Orenburg. I represent the project "The Solar Tracker".
My project corresponds with NTI 1.0 - energynet.

«The Solar Tracker»

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One of the problems in alternative energy is the low efficiency of solar panels because of its immobility. The goal of the project is production a device enabling solar panel to turn to the direction of the highest lighting during a day. It will improve efficiency of solar panels.
1. To set up electric circuit. To connect terminals (or contact elements) to the Arduino.
2. To cut plywood plates by means of laser beam cutting. They must be mounted to solar panels. The photo-conductor is to be fixed there too.
3. To make a supporting pad for servo links. To print plastic fixing elements using 3D printer.
4. Write a program for the Arduino microcontroller.
Principle of Operation.
The main operation principle is following:
According to lighting 4 photoresistors change R (resistance). Analog ports (POTs) receive a signal. The microcontroller processes information and sends signals to servo-motor to turn around (to face the sun).

The use of the Tracker.
The usage of the Solar tracker will reduce costs for assembling additional panels. Moreover, it will prevent from blocking up (or cluttering up) the territory. As the result thanks to the solar tracker solar panels will accumulate more energy
Thank you for attention!

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