Simplified UAV control system
Artem Batalov (Programmer)
Daniil Rufin (Engineer)
Igor Sidorin (Programmer)
Karina Ianyshevskaia (Programmer)
Nikita Loktev (Software engineer)
Problematics of the project
Insufficient safety of open multicopter systems

Difficulty in their management and programming. This discourages their use in education, industry and etc.
The goal of the project
  • Expand the drone market.
  • Make them more accessible and secure for the novice user by creating an autonomous protection system.
  • Create easy control both from the remote control and from other devices so that indoor and outdoor flights are safer and more convenient.

Create a convenient and cheap system by taking ready-made educational platforms (COEX Clover), known in the circles of educational flying robotics and it successfully used in educational institutions..
  • Copter software and external devices
  • The ability to avoid collision
  • The ability to control it from various devices
  • The ability to work remotely
  • Flight stability
  • Convenient setting
  • Intuitive interface
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