Ianyshevskaia Karina, Ezhova Inga,
Pekhotina Galina, Agrashov Dmitrii

Problematics of the project
Soil depleted and their irrational use
Object and Subject
Object of research
The subject of research is soil.
Subject of research
The object of research is the temperature, humidity, acidity and illumination of the soil.
The goal of project
Develop autonomous robot that can analyze topsoil according to its main characteristics.
The objectives of project
1. Analyze literature on sol composition, study the analogues of the device being developed.
2. Develop software, write programs for the movement of the robot, its interaction with sensors, data transmission from robot to mobile application (on the Blynk platform) and autonomous movement using GPS.
3. Develop a technical concept of the robot, assemble the electric circuit for controlling the robot, design a framework of the robot
4. Perform tests. Measuring soil using the robot and comparing the results with data of independent sensors.
5. Test the prototype indoors.
6. Assemble the finished device.

W.E.L.L. is autonomous robot that analyzes the state of the breeding ground.
Robot action algorithm
Research methods
● CAD system
● Arduino IDE platform
● Recommender systems
● Blynk platform
Robot ROSPHERE, "Agronomist's Staff"
Benefits of the project
Everyday we work hard to make life of our clients better and happier
  • The ability of quickly transfer of soil information to owner.
  • Compilation of local maps.
  • Adaptation of information for users (consulting).
  • Low production cost.
  • Ease of use.
The results showed that this design is relevant for both large and private farms. It was obtained indicators necessary for the analysis, based on which we can conclude whether this part of the soil is suitable for cultivating the crop of interest or not.

Modular platform, program of movement, wiring diagram.
Agreements with Horticultural Society "Vesna" and Botanical Garden have been implemented.
A mobile application, a server for data transmission, electrical circuits for connecting sensors have been developed.
Assembled a manipulator for mounting sensors. It is first prototype.
Project development ideas
1.Add sensors, for example: carbon dioxide sensor.
2.Design a new framework
3.Develop an algorithm for automatically creating a virtual map of the area
4.Adapt the robot to environmental conditions
5.Develop a program for processing data from a robot
6.Develop a pest recognition program
7.Develop a plant disease recognition system
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